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By | March 1, 2021

The new crown vaccine is a new botulism vaccine that can effectively prevent the occurrence of new crown pneumonia, and the face-lifting needle is botulinum toxin. If botulinum toxin is injected during the vaccination period, it may affect the effectiveness of the vaccine, or produce adverse side effects and affect women’s health. It is recommended that patients receive a face-lifting injection for 2 to 3 months after the injection of the new crown vaccine, so as to effectively reduce the occurrence of side effects.

botulism vaccine

Can I get a face-lift injection after the new crown vaccine?

What to pay attention to when playing the new botulism vaccine
1. Precautions before vaccination: Before vaccination, you should understand the knowledge about the new crown disease and the new crown vaccine and the vaccination process in advance; understand your physical condition, take a good rest, and keep your body in a good physiological state. It is best not to vaccinate on an empty stomach; new coronavirus The vaccination site is the deltoid muscle of the upper arm. It is recommended to wear loose clothes that are easy to put on and take off. According to the notice of the vaccinators, bring your ID card, mobile phone and other items, and wear a mask to go there.

2. During the vaccination process, pay attention to wearing a mask throughout the whole process, queue in an orderly manner according to the vaccination location, and maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter; provide the doctor with his health status and recent medication use, and fill in the informed consent form truthfully; if there is a wound at the vaccination site, Try to avoid the wound and choose the other side for vaccination.

3. After inoculation, observe at the inoculation point for 30 minutes, and put the hemostatic swab into the medical trash can or yellow medical trash bag. Observe in the observation area of ​​the vaccination site for 30 minutes, and then leave the vaccination site after being asymptomatic; on the day of vaccination, the injection site should be kept dry and pay attention to personal hygiene; if fever persists, seek medical attention in time and report to the vaccination site.

Can I get a face-lift injection after the new botulism vaccine?

What to pay attention to when getting a face-lift injection

1. Avoid massaging the face after face injection

Within 4 hours after the injection, do not massage, sleep, tilt your head forward, or do vigorous exercises on your face in any form to avoid the spread of the botulinum toxin that has just been injected into your face. Therefore, the injection will lose its effect and even expand the effective range, which means your face is stiff.

2. Don’t drink alcohol after face-lift injection

After the face-lift injection, absolutely! ! Smoking and drinking are not allowed, because cosmetic injections are biological preparations and have certain biological activity. Smoking and drinking will affect the absorption and activity of biological preparations, which is not conducive to the effect of cosmetic injections. Moreover, after the cosmetic injection, the skin at the injection site is still relatively fragile. Drinking alcohol may cause wound allergies, which is not conducive to the rapid recovery of the wound.

3. The diet should be light after face-lift injection

Do not eat spicy food after the injection, because the injection will cause some skin irritation, and the skin needs time to adapt to prevent the skin irritated by the injection from being irritated by the spicy food again

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