e-V2ray VPN Apk Downlaod

By | October 24, 2021

e-V2ray VPN Apk Downlaod – Get V2ray VPN for PC (Windows and Mac) to unblock geo-restricted websites, defend online privacy, browse anonymously, and hide IP addresses with a top-notch private tunnel.

V2ray VPN, Limitless Free VPN, and Quick Safety VPN, is among the many high-VPN tools within Google Play Retailer, which is an ultra-fast and 100% secure private digital group software program.

It allows you to browse the web anonymously, protect your Wi-Fi connection, and mask your IP solution. Right here, we are going to share the correct approach to get V2ray VPN on PC: Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac.

V2ray is a very new tunneling methodology and relies mainly on shadowsocks, but it surely saves absolutely more with the Vmess protocol and is also an additional configuration that makes you more creative in configuring the settings. V2Ray supports numerous protocols, along with VMess, Vless, Socks, HTTP, Shadow sock, etc.

e-V2ray VPN Apk Downlaod

V2Ray can run on Windows, macOS, BSD, iOS, and Android. V2ray is just not difficult to use for all drives, such as PCs, laptops, Android, and tablets. Anyone can apply it to all systems, requires the assistance of third-party functions, and does not require complicated setup.

  • V2Ray VMESS
  • Encrypted transport protocol
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Various protocols
  • V2Ray VLESS
  • Greater efficiency and speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • More versatility in encryption

What is V2Ray VMess?

Problem V is a set of tools to help you build your individual privacy group across the entire network. The core of Problem V, called V2Ray, is responsible for group communications and protocols. It could actually work on its own, as well as mixing with completely different devices. VMess is a protocol for encrypted communications. It incorporates every inbound and outbound proxy. VMess depends on the system time. Make sure your system time is in sync with UTC time. The time zone does not matter. I would configure the ntp service on Linux to robotically alter the system time.


Multiple Inbound / Outbound Proxies – One V2Ray event supports multiple inbound and outbound protocols in parallel. Each protocol works independently.
Customizable routing: Incoming website guests can be sent to completely different outputs depending on the routing configuration. It is simple to route website visitors by target space or space.
Varied protocols: V2Ray supports numerous protocols, along with Socks, HTTP, Shadowsocks, VMess, etc. Each protocol can have its own personal private transport, as can TCP, mKCP, WebSocket, etc.
Obfuscation: V2Ray has built-in obfuscation to cover website guests in TLS and can run in parallel with community servers.
Reverse Proxy – Primary Reverse Proxy Help. It can be used to build tunnels to localhost.
Multiple platforms: V2Ray runs natively on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. There may also be help for the third time on the cell phone.

Why would you like V2ray VPN for PC?

The V2ray VPN encrypts all website guests entering and leaving your PC. Stop the occasions of third parties, ISPs and federal authorities, to capture, accumulate or spy on your data and avoid monitoring your digital actions in the same way that you wish the historical past.

Furthermore, V2ray VPN connects to its servers around the world whenever you search the net and hides your physical location from the websites you visit. Due to this truth, websites cannot monitor your IP solution, and your PC will update the IP of a different nation, which can help you stay away from residential blocks and geo-restricted websites.

V2ray VPN, generally called “Accelerate Website Visitors, Secure WiFi Hotspot, Collect IP Offer, Defend Privacy and Unblock Websites”, is a secure private pool, which comes with military grade encryption that allows you to browse in public. , business and university networks securely.

It is an extremely fast and safe tunnel for private groups. It is now among the best VPN apps for Android within the Google Play retailer. The purchase selection has already passed 50k on Play Retail, and people’s rankings are completely different VPN apps in comparison.

Can you use V2ray VPN for Windows or Mac?

Many of the VPN apps are designed for Android units, however with various strategies you have to use them on PC. In this post, we will share these methods with you.

You must use V2ray VPN on a working PC and

as the only software for smartphones. With an Android emulator like BlueStacks, MEmu Play, or NoxPlayer, you also need to use this software on your PC. In the following sections, we will describe the two common methods for purchasing and configuring V2ray VPN on desktop and laptop computer systems.

Get V2ray VPN for Windows Home Residence using MEmu Play

MEmu Play is among the many high-level Android emulators for simulating Android functions running on Windows or Mac PC programs. Commonly known as enjoying Android video games on a full-screen PC, MEmu Emulator can run any software on the PC melee. physical with extreme resolution.

Now you can simply use V2ray VPN for Windows Home with MEmu Play. Help the windows of the house Residence 7/8/10. Right here, we are going to share the correct approach to get and configure V2ray VPN on Windows PC with MEmu Emulator.

To purchase MEmu, please follow the instructions below. (When you have already installed MEmu Play on your PC, skip this step and proceed to the next half.)

Click on the hyperlink under the MEmu Play PC model.

Get MEmu Play for PC

Now go to the “Get” folder on your PC and find out the MEmu Play Exe file. Double click on the configuration file and follow the configuration course for. The file scale is large, so the setup will take a while to finish. Wait a few minutes while MEmu Play is installing on your Windows PC and don’t close the running program.

After setup, click to open MEmu Play and wait a second. As with setup, it takes a few minutes to open the software program, depending on your PC configuration.

When the dashboard appears, navigate to the home page and you will see the Google Play Retail icon. Play Retail comes pre-installed on the MEmu Play panel. Now click on the Play Retailer icon and sign in along with your Google ID or any Play Retailer account.

Now type “V2ray VPN” in the search bar of Play Retailers, and you should see “V2ray VPN – Unlimited VPN & Fast Security VPN” initially.

Click the “Configure” button and you can install V2ray VPN on the MEmu emulator. Also, you will find the shortcut icon on the BlueStacks website and the same one on your desktop as well.

Get V2ray VPN for Mac using BlueStacks

The BlueStacks App Participant is the appropriate Android emulator for operating smartphone apps on PC. It is simpler and better. BlueStacks Emulator is safe and free. It complies with the RGPD and protects your personal private data. Without being gradual, BlueStacks offers great Android experiences on Mac.

BlueStacks emulator helps you get V2ray VPN for Mac. Not only this app, however, you also need to use any Android app with BlueStacks. Now we are going to post the correct approach to get V2ray VPN for Mac using the BlueStacks app participant.

Before downloading V2ray VPN, you must first purchase and configure the BlueStacks emulator that you probably have not installed on your PC. Here is the whole course for you.

  1. Get the BlueStacks app participant on this internet web page. (Participant of the BlueStacks application for PC)
    Organize and launch BlueStacks emulator on your Mac PC.
  2. Navigate to the home page and click on the Google Play Retail app.
  3. Included in the search bar, type “V2ray VPN” and hit the Enter button.
  4. Click on the “V2ray VPN – Limitless Free VPN & Fast Security VPN” application and press the settings button.
  5. Now log in together with your Play Retail ID and password or Google account.
  6. Then get the V2ray VPN app on the emulator and click to install it.
  7. In a couple of seconds, the set course will probably be completed.
  8. Studying to make use of V2ray VPN on PC?

After placing the application on the PC, click on the V2ray VPN icon to open. Now tap on the “Be part of” button. It should connect to any nearest default VPN server with a strong signal.

The dashboard will update the V2ray VPN server of the linked nation. You always need to connect to the perfect server based primarily on your location and package supply. Presumably you can choose any of them. However, the premium model helps the world’s high-speed VPN servers.

Trusting your internet rhythm,

nity proxy for Android units to unblock community content and browse anonymously through a secret tunnel. No matter which smartphone you bought, you should use the V2ray VPN as long as your system has an operating system.

e V2ray VPN for Android smartphones together with your PC, then you are in the right place. Click the hyperlink below and get V2ray VPN for Android from Play Retailer.

Get the V2ray VPN app at Play Retailer


After connecting V2ray VPN to Mac or Windows PC, it will encrypt all your website guests, block any malicious website and prevent cyber criminals from stealing your private data. Also, it will cover your public IP offer and update a fake IP location.

V2ray VPN basically offers probably the most effective VPN proxy to bypass filtering, censorship and surveillance with an easy to use one-click link. In addition, it unlocks geographically restricted web content materials.

With V2ray VPN for Desktop, you can presumably defend your privacy online and protect your system from third-time monitoring, in addition to collecting data. In addition, it will protect your public or residential group to keep digital transactions safe.

In case you are very privacy conscious, use V2ray VPN for laptop or desktop, defend your entry-level Wi-Fi security, and protect your online fingerprints from hackers and snoopers. V2ray VPN for Mac automatically turns public Wi-Fi into a safe and secure private group.

Furthermore, V2ray VPN will defend your mobile security, privacy and personal data from hackers; Identity theft and cyber threats will cease: malware and phishing attacks. Plus, its robust end-to-end data encryption mechanism keeps it safe on most people in the Wi-Fi pool.


V2ray VPN PC does not require any distinctive configuration. Plus, it has no bandwidth or pacing restrictions.

In addition, it offers the flexibility to choose an optimal server based primarily on its location outside of its international server networks, rather than dozens of servers around the world.

It has strict protection without logging or tracking; there are no face-to-face lessons.

With multiple servers, V2ray VPN offers a faster VPN proxy for PC by detecting your location and connecting you to the high-speed server robotically. It should guarantee world-class server speed and reliability.

It won’t slow down your drives; you can presumably enjoy the unlimited bandwidth and the tremendous speed.

V2ray VPN encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP) and really works with Wi-Fi, LTE / 4G, 3G and all kinds of mobile data carriers.

It’s simple, easy to use, and connects with a single click with VPN.

Costs – FREE

V2ray VPN PC presents a superior VPN proxy service for people who need to unblock geo-restricted content materials and browse anonymously. Which means you can presumably enjoy their extensive service with none of them worth initially.

The free account will have current commercials. However, for your convenience, it presents the perfect subscription packages if you want more high-speed servers.

Data on file

  • App ID: V2ray VPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Fast Security VPN
  • Newer mannequin – varies by system
  • Updated: May 18, 2021
  • File measurement: varies by system
  • License: Free
  • Developer Credit Score Rating: 禁书 网
  • Requires Android: varies by system
  • Number of downloads: 100okay +
  • Google Play Retail Rating: 4.2 / 5
  • Number of reviews: 821+
  • Class: VPN, security, devices
  • Ad protection: inserted ads
  • App value: does not work with in-app purchases

禁书 网 has developed V2ray VPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Fast Security VPN, and now we have collected the above details about this Google Play Retail app. The number of downloads is increasing and you will get better rankings every day.

In addition, the group of developers always updates the VPN, which makes it bug-free and easy to use; the group gives new options with the mannequin

the product and congratulated the supplier. Additionally, the support group draws inspiration at the national level by answering questions and resolving complaints.

What to look for in a VPN for PC?

Few vital elements to consider when choosing a VPN on your PC; otherwise, there is a chance that {{a}} third time or the VPN provider will expose your privacy even if you pay for a VPN. Try narrowing down the items and combining the VPN options you will get.

Server areas – A typical VPN provider should have quite a few world servers located all over the world as a method of exchanging IP addresses simply based on your needs. In addition, the vendor will always replace the software program with additional servers from

guests, entering and leaving your PC, with the strongest protection like the “AES-256 encryption” methodology.

Zero log protection – Like all ISPs, your VPN provider can participate in your actions on the Internet, an invasion of privacy. Look for the VPN service that explicitly sets strict no-log protection for your role.

Privacy and security: the VPN must defend your digital privacy; If there is a sign of a data breach from the provider, it’s best to stay out of it.


Defending privacy online and conducting secure transactions is important to everyone. However, as a result of cyberattacks mounted along with third party monitoring, our privacy is invaded on a daily basis. Due to this truth, to stop this inconvenience, you can presumably get V2ray VPN for PC and get military-grade security.

In this post, we have now mentioned the correct method to make use of V2ray VPN for Home Windows Residence PC using two generalized Android emulators. However, you must use completely different emulators if you want, and the process of obtaining and creating is similar for all.

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