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By | March 1, 2021

infant crocs:Pure quality, gentle and non-irritating, it provides professional care for the delicate skin of infants and young children, including bathing, shampoo, moisturizing and other categories, to meet the needs of infant care in all aspects; and cooperate with major distributors in South China KA customers have established a good cooperative relationship and are a well-known infant care brand in South China. “Green, safer and healthier” is the eternal pursuit of quality for Baby Crocodile products.

 infant crocs

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1 Brand introduction
2 Cultural concept
3 Product series
4 Founding process

Brand introductionedit

in theinfant crocs, Lai Sun Group is a well-known diversified group company in Hong Kong, involving real estate, media and entertainment, hotels, clothing and other industries all over the world. Its subsidiaries Lai Sun Garment International Co., Ltd., Feng Deli Holdings Co., Ltd., and Lai Sun Development Co., Ltd. and Lai Fung Holdings Co., Ltd. are all listed companies. The company also includes many well-known companies such as Hong Kong Crocodile Shirt Co., Ltd., East Asia Satellite TV, Media Asia Television, Guangzhou Mayflower Plaza, etc.

Hong Kong Crocodile Shirt Co., Ltd.-an extremely influential international brand

is one of the symbols of Hong Kong. Its history can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1971 and is currently the top ten in China One of the most influential brands.
The infant crocs Crocodile Skin Care Research Center has increased its research and development efforts, and has cooperated with well-known research institutions at home and abroad to develop a variety of new products, which are more suitable for the skin of Chinese babies. “Natural, safe, no additives” is the eternal pursuit of quality by the Crocodile Baby/Beijing brand. Baby Crocodile/Bechon has been quietly committed to the research and development of baby skin care products, and is deeply loved by babies and mothers.

Cultural conceptedit

The company is a well-known enterprise in China’s maternal and infant daily chemical industry, after more than 20 years of development and accumulation. The excellent quality is not only well-known in South China, but also makes it one of the favorite skin care brands of consumers across the country.
Consistently take the production of high-quality products as the purpose, improve the quality of life of consumers as the premise, and develop and deepen the market with advanced management experience and good cooperative relations with business partners to increase market share and profits.

Advocating the core values ​​of loyalty and responsibility, unity and cooperation, the courage to innovate, and the pursuit of excellence. In the development process of Lixin, we provide a platform for aspiring employees to realize their potential, develop their careers and realize their ideals. Let any outstanding talents have sufficient development space to achieve the ideals of individuals and teams, and jointly create a better tomorrow.
We believe that as long as we are diligent and pragmatic, united and cooperated, we will be able to overcome difficulties with full confidence and obtain rich harvests. We will inherit the first and foresee the future, look forward to the future, and march forward bravely. No difficulties and obstacles can stop our progress. We are willing to work together with aspiring employees to make progress together, draw up a blueprint and share a vision-to create one of the best in the baby daily chemical industry in the country. Well-known brand.

Product series editor

Baby milk series
Baby milk series
infant crocs milk series
Pure and soft, moisturizing dry skin, allowing baby’s skin to enjoy a milky smooth touch.
Baby Crocodile Milk Body Lotion
Baby Crocodile Milk Shampoo and Body Wash [1]
Baby Crocodile Milk Shower Gel [2]
Baby Crocodile Milk Body Lotion [3]
Baby Crocodile Baby Milk Essence Moisturizing Cream [4]
Mediterranean native olive infant crocs series
Mediterranean native olive baby series
Mediterranean native olive baby series

Founding processedit

The company was established in 1993.
In 1994, the products were stationed in Guangbaihe Youyi Sales, and the company took the first step in sales in China.
In 1996, the products were sold in Yichu Lotus (now CP Lotus).
In 1999, its products entered the sales of Haoyouduo and China Resources Vanguard. In that year, Haoyouduo’s supermarket chain was the second largest brand in sales in this category.
In 2001, the products were sold in two internationally renowned KA stores, Carrefour (Southern District) and Wal-Mart (National).
In 2002, the products were sold in the well-known chain brands Baijia supermarkets and Xinyijia supermarkets in South China, further consolidating the status of well-known brands in South China.
In 2003, the products entered the Watsons personal care chain store sales. Sales have grown for three consecutive years, leading the category in the category. In 2006, it won the Watsons “Health and Beauty” award known as the

“Oscar of a well-known personal care brand”.

In 2005, the company successfully developed and launched a series of baby shea care products containing shea butter called “women’s gold” and specific eight skin care effects. It became the first company in the industry to successfully promote shea butter skin care. Idea manufacturer.
In 2006, the products were sold in Fujian and Hainan markets, and the first “baby shampoo and shower gel” single product was launched, which won unanimous praise from the market. The sales volume of the single product in 2006 entered the company’s TOP10 single product rankings.
In 2007, the products were sold in Maternal and Infant Stores on Aiying Island, and successively launched product series exclusively for maternal and infant sales channels. Among them, the “Shurou (sleep)” series of products extracted from lavender essence are well received by consumers.

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