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By | October 23, 2021

What is Live NetTv?

This is another interesting free TV app from Pakistani developers. You can enjoy all free TV channels and movies in the app for free. This application contains more than 200 channels, more than 500 dramas and movies every day. You will be tired of watching this free content because there are no limitations in this application.

Main features

I cannot describe the complete list of functions and options of this application. But these are the key features of the latest version. You can check the overview of this app by reading the text below. Explore all the advanced and hidden features while using it.

  • Enjoy more than 200 free live TV channels.
  • Watch your favorite drama series.
  • Get all the old Pakistani dramas to watch now,
  • Live Cricket channels are rated separately.
  • Watch any cricket event like IPL, WC, PSL with your family.
  • Live channels without buffering over mobile data.
  • Reliable, hassle-free live experience with a weak internet connection.
  • Enjoy everything through your WiFi or any shared Internet.
  • Share your love moments by recording the screen.
  • Save as playlist is available to watch anything later.
  • Receive notifications about your favorite cricket match or series.
  • No need to register, just go to the content and enjoy.
  • Get headlines, latest updates, and live news feeds.
  • Explore more advanced features of Live Ne Tv in the app.
  • Screenshots of the application
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What’s new in Live Net Tv 4.8?

These are some of the highlights of the new version that will allow you to see the following. You can do all these things on your Android with the help of the Live NetTv app. Basically this app is used to watch free tv channels from all over the world and movies, dramas for free. But this latest version has some amazing updates and new features. Some options are explained above, here are the highlights, which you will get soon.

Live sports

If you are looking for sports television channels. Well, you can find hundreds of sports TV channels in this application. Watch all the sports channels in the world and enjoy each event for free in this application. The developers update all sports links and channels every minute. You can get updated live sports channels before your favorite match starts. The number of live cricket channels is higher than other sports, but still, you can find all the major TV channels in this app. See all events including IPL, PSL, World Cup, T20 Cup, Champion Trophy, and other tours.

Entertainment stuff

The entertainment content in this application is innumerable, you can find everything related to this category. All channels on this website have entertaining content. If you need movies and dramas to watch, you can easily find the required channels. This app is packed with content related to entertainment. You can enjoy live broadcasts and videos in the same application. Old and new movies are added in this app, you can also report or request any movie. In fact, you can do a worldwide search to find your favorite movie or series. TV shows are also ranked at the top of the content.

Cartoons & Kids

You and your kids can also enjoy cartoons with your family. All cartoons and 3D movies are available in this app. You can also save the video to a playlist or gallery to watch later. Children’s content is available in the loop, your children can easily enjoy their favorite cartoon series. There are many live cartoon channels and videos to watch anytime. Plus, there are advanced features to stream your favorite video on your wide-screen TV on the living room wall.

News channels

This is another great part of the app that you can use in this app. If you like to watch the news and receive updates about any country. Then there is a separate category for news channels in this app. You can get the latest updates and headlines from the most popular TV channels such as GEO News, ARY News and channels from other countries. You will also be able to receive notifications from your listed channels. Notification settings can be customized in the app for all channels.

All the functions of the application. In addition, I have described the news of version 4.9 of live net tv. If you need more help or have a problem, please post a comment on this article. Hope you enjoy live net tv, so share your experience here. Also, don’t let your friends miss this app, share the article with them.


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